By Evan Whitmore

The Minnesota Lynx fell 85-77 to the Las Vegas Aces at home Friday night. The two teams came into the game with high hopes. The Lynx wanted to build a home game winning streak, and the Aces were hoping to continue a winning streak of their own. While the Aces took the win, the Lynx fans were still the real story

The court became more than the staging ground for the game. The time before and in-between the game saw strange and engaging events; a blue dirigible swooped over the heads of the crowd as beasts of latex and fur weaved throughout the crowd. The sporadically clothed Jack Links sasquatch and his posse disseminated his meats to the crowd, moving throughout the crowd and across the court during half time. The Lynx Mascot Prowl mingled with the crowd, bumping fists and hugging children.

During game time the crowd was electric. When the Lynx put up a defense, a very common occurrence during the game, the mega screen lead chants of “DEFENSE.” When the Lynx went on offence, the crowd released a guttural screech for the screens “Growl-o-meter.” During the half-time festivities, the crowd cheered as poncho-wearing masochists smashed raw eggs on their heads, clapping as the Sun Country dirigible dived at them overhead.

It was in the final minutes of the game that the crowd’s spirit sputtered like ocean waves against bluffs. The cheers thinned as Minnesota called time-out after time-out, trying to reel its disorganized offense back in the face of their impending loss to Las Vegas. When the final horn sounded, the crowd broke apart.