By Tucker Toole

In Minnesota, you will find some of the most die-hard sports fans there are.

The city cheers on and goes hard for all of its teams, from the Vikings to the Twins, Lynx, and Timberwolves, the city’s sports teams have a strong support system.

During Thursday night’s Twins game at Target field, the fans were there and in full effect, but it was pouring down rain, and the fans didn’t care. The storms twice delayed the game before the groundskeeping crew removed the tarp from the diamond.

One person whose job becomes very important before it even starts raining is Mace Michaels, one of Twins team meteorologists. Michaels said he works very closely with management and the grounds crew.

“They ask me when do I think it’s gonna start? When is it gonna stop? And how long is it going to last for?” Michaels said.

He explained that the closer it gets to game time, the more he’s looking at the radar.

“Even if the storms were out west of us, I might say it looks like it’s going to rain, the rain might be here in a half an hour, because we don’t want the starting pitchers to pitch an inning or two and be out for hours, so we’ll make decisions like that,” Michaels said.

He said that the worst conditions he’s had to deal with at Target Field were the blizzard that hit Minnesota in April. In fact, the entire front office had to go out to the stands and personally shovel the snow themselves, including team president Dave St. Peter.

That situation in itself shows the pride that the fans and people of Minnesota possess. Rain, sun, shine, sleet, or snow, those fans will be out there and the teams will try to do everything in their power get their fans at the game.