Yearbook and Magazine

Yearbooks and magazines aren’t the same beast, but the foundational elements are similar: excellent organization, great photography and a focus on storytelling. This interactive workshop will prepare staffs for the upcoming year by discussing continuity, spread development, storytelling and photography. We will also discuss marketing your organization and your publication.

Here are the top six reasons you should register for the Yearbook and Magazine Kickstarter:

  1. Discuss unifying devices, coverage and staff manuals
  2. Learn the how-to’s of recruiting, retaining and training staff
  3. Explore up and coming design trends, including infographics and sidebars
  4. Learn marketing tips and tactics, including social media and digital promotion
  5. Tips for picking the best photo to enhance storytelling
  6. Combine all you learn to develop a theme and design a starter spread for your magazine or yearbook.


Adrianne Harris is the assistant director of Student Programs & Leadership at Roger Williams University in Bristol, R.I. She advises The Hawks’ Herald student newspaper and the Crossings yearbook. She previously advised the student radio station WQRI. In her past seven years of advising, she credits much of her understanding of student media from the knowledge shared at CMA. Along with her co-chair, Adrianne currently coordinates the CMA critiques, serves on the CMA Advisory Council and continues to present sessions around student leadership. In addition to advising the newspaper and yearbook, she advises the Student Senate, InterResidence Hall Association and oversees all the clubs and their budgets at RWU.

Kelley Lash is the immediate past president of CMA. She’s been involved in the organization since her graduate school days and used to attend conventions as an undergraduate. She is director of student media at Rice University in Houston, where she advises The Rice Thresher newspaper and The Campanile yearbook. Before moving to Texas, she was director of student media at Georgia Southern University and Methodist College, now University. Kelley previously worked with College Media Review, volunteered as critiques coordinator and has presented at several conventions. Kelley graduated from Georgia Southern University where she was editor in chief of the student newspaper The George-Anne for two years.