The challenges are now unprecedented.
You need help — and trusted advice — going into the year ahead.

That’s why the College Media Mega Workshop has transformed into
the Student Media Virtual Bootcamp.

We’ve trained hundreds of collegiate journalists and prepared them for their challenges.
Let us help you, too.

Three organizations with decades of experience are presenting the workshop.

Associated Collegiate Press

College Media Association

College Media Business and Advertising Managers

Our instructors will meet with you virtually, train you in fundamentals and trends,
and assign practical projects to prepare you for the year ahead.


Whether you’re building coverage, managing a staff or selling advertising in this historical market,
you’ll get helpful ideas, constructive feedback and much-needed encouragement.
We’ll share ideas and insight with everyone in the track.

We’ll also critique publications, portfolios and résumés,
and we’ll discuss the management and the direction of your media.
It’s a wealth of information to give you confidence in the year ahead.
Join us.

Student Media Virtual Bootcamp  •  July 20-31, 2020  • •  612-200-9252