Instructors: Chris Richert & David Simpson

Guest speakers:
Leen Obeidat, flytedesk, and Farhan Mohamed, Overstory Media Group

Newsletters schedule

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Wednesday, July 28

11:30 a.m. ET
The big picture and your picture

Newsletters aren’t the future. (They are the present.)
Readership numbers. (Prepare to be amazed.)
Is it hard to set up this thing? (No.)
Can we set up our staff to do it? (Yes.)

12:30 p.m.
Guest speaker: Farhan Mohamed

Farhan Mohamed is a co-founder of Overstory Media Group, which plans to work with local journalists in up to 50 markets by 2023. Neiman Lab described the plan as “high-quality journalism, starting with a daily newsletter to regularly deliver the local news and events.” He had his own community weekly newsletter when he was 15!

1 p.m.
Let’s conquer your obstacles

What might stop you? Odds are, someone has overcome the same obstacle.
Why not set up a newsletter template today? (It’s that easy.)


Thursday, July 29

11:30 a.m. ET
Problems and opportunities

Thought of a problem since yesterday?
More cool stuff you can do with that mailing list.

Guest speaker: Leen Obeidat

Leen Obeidat is director of business development at
Make money in your newsletter, even if you don’t have a sales team
Advice for sales teams large and small
How can you talk to advertisers about this?
Election advertising
Your questions!

1 p.m.
Wrapup and questions